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Charms & Brooches

The pendants and pins Filippini & Paoletti are divided into two collections that offer the same items: in a pendant version or the classic pin version.

It is a broad collection that includes about 60 items.
They range from tiny pendants with a bouquet of flowers, large bezels with various designs and patterns of beautiful colors.
The entire collection is naturally produced by hand at our headquarters in Florence and therefore guaranteed “Made in Italy”.

Brooches and pendants are always an accessory dedicated to beauty and feminine elegance.
Our catalog has always had a special attention to this section and, over the years, has increased the offer from the classical pieces, to the latest fashion trends. Everything, of course, is handmade and unique.

Our craftsmen produce bezels, and all the trappings necessary for brooches and pendants, in brass and 925 silver.
For of the mosaics, the glass we use is the highest quality and comes from the island of Murano in Venice.
The enamel glass is transformed into the furnace at our laboratory in Florence and allows us to get the “sticks” with which we produce our items.

Every item that is part of the pins and pendants collection of Filippini & Paoletti, is presented in multiple versions in regard to its shape (round, oval, heart, etc ..), and in regards to the patterns that decorate it.

To complete the offer, we can create two platings: gold or silver.