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Religious Items

Since twenty years, the production of Religious Items has become the most important collection of Filippini&Paoletti. The variety of sizes and the wide combination of colors and flowers is for all our customers a guarantee of satisfaction; whether you are a simple tourist looking for a souvenir of your trip in Italian cities or a Collector who wants unique and handmade pieces.
Our mosaic is also found in the bookshop of the Vatican Museum, this makes us very proud and pushes us to work and create products of the highest quality.

Crosses and rosaries have experienced tremendous growth of interest over the past two decades. As a consequence, the offer of religious items has also grown accordingly.
Currently, in our catalog, we have about 60 religious items.
The creation of every single item has not changed in years, the whole manufacturing chain involves the labor of artisans and mosaicists for a guaranteed product “Made in Italy”.

the wide variety of Murano glass colors that we use for the composition of our mosaics, is fully versatile in many details that make up our catalog of religious items. From brilliant bouquets made by small crosses to the compositions for larger sized crosses, everything is enhanced by the skill of our craftsmen to achieve always original and unique pieces.

The items that make up our collection come in many sizes, creating a complete offer for any request.
To enrich the catalog, the crosses of larger size, are sold complete with a stylish packaging that enhances its beauty.