Filippini & Paoletti

We make our products with the same old method as we first started.
The glass we use comes from Murano which is known worldwide for its exceptional quality: still to this day silica-rich sand and the purest crystals are used to obtain unique and vibrant colors.

The glass plates are processed and brought back to a molten state in our lab in Florence.
Once the glass is molten, the ability and experience of the “spinner” show at this point: he works and molds the glass. The spinner also combines colors and shapes in a very short amount of time. Great experience and craftsmanship are needed to do this job.
The glass then gets molded and we can obtain beautiful objects: roses, daisies, dahlias etcetera.

Our History

The origins of the Byzantine mosaic bring us back to the times of Byzantium and the Eastern Roman Empire but the first pieces have been discovered thanks to the Vatican State.
Reverenda Fabbrica di San Pietro was founded and it allowed mosaic art to have its own identity and to develop, independent of the painting.

Towards the end of ‘700, a few craftsmen left the Reverenda Fabbrica Vatican and brought the art of Mosaic Minute in Florence where it found a welcoming public and was allowed to expand.

Small workshops of mosaic craftsmen passed down the art from one generation to another and from the second half of the 800, we have the first evidence of the activity of an artisan company that in the future will be known as “Filippini & Paoletti”.