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Earring & Bangles

Currently, our catalog includes about 50 different types of earrings; both in form and mosaic decorations, all made by hand and guaranteed made in Italy. The collection includes earrings (with multiple closures) or in clips, pin or pendants.
We have an assortment of mosaic decorations to meet any request by our Italian and international customers.

The collection of bracelets is quite varied: from the smallest bracelets for girls with “millefiori” Murano beads to the most demanding ladies’ bracelets decorated with filigree. Both gold and silver plating solutions are available.
All bracelets in our collection are assembled by hand in Italy, Florence, in our workshop.

We began producing clip earrings upon a request but it turned out to be a big success in the following years, allowing us to expand the collection to different closure methods.
Currently, our catalog includes about 50 different types of earrings both in form and mosaic decorations, all handmade and guaranteed Made in Italy.

Since the early years of our activity, we have taken care of the quality of the glass for the composition of mosaics and we have always bought the glassy glazes and tinted crystals of the Venetian island of Murano.
The brilliance and the variety of colors that characterize Murano glass used for our mosaics are exalted in the collection of earrings and bracelets dedicated to elegance and beauty for ladies.
The collection uses about twelve basic colors that make the backgrounds of the floral mosaic objects.
Our ability and craftsmanship are expressed at its best in the large assortment of flowers that characterizes our jewelry items.

Brass is the metal used in support of the mosaic composition and comes both gold and silver plated.
The earrings, in addition to the separate availability of shapes (oval, round, drop and heart) have always a different composition of mosaic decorations.
Of course, the different dimensions of the articles allow many flower arrangements: the greater the bezel and the better the mosaic can be composed, always by hand by one of our craftsmen.

Besides our very well known composition called “bouquet”, which is a bouquet of assorted flowers; the flowers that are part of our assortment are: roses, daisies, dahlias, myosotis, lilies, tulips.
All in different combinations of colors and all crafted by our master glassmakers in our headquarters in Florence.